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Directors Services Provided by Legal Time:

1. Removal of Director Disqualification
2. Appointment of Director
3. Resignation of Director
4. Removal of Directors

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What is the Meaning of Director?

A director is a person who is appointed to perform the duties and functions of a company in accordance with the provisions of The Company Act, 2013.Directors are said to be brain of the company. They are the managerial personnel who control and administer the company’s operations. The rotation of directors takes place in one or the other way – either by appointment of new director or resignation of existing. Aim to carry out change of directors is always to ensure optimum combination of experts on board for interest of company.

Various Services Provided by Legal Time for Directors:
  1. Removal of Director Disqualification
  2. Appointment of Director
  3. Resignation of Director
  4. Removal of Directors
1. Removal of Director Disqualification

As per sec. 164(2) a director is said to be disqualified if he/she is unable to:

  1. file financial statements & annual return for 3 consecutive financial years.
  2. If he/she made default in payment of deposits or interest thereon, such failure in relation to payment or redemption has taken place for one year or more; such disqualified director shall not be eligible to be re-appointed as a director in such company or any other company for a consecutive period of 5 years.

 Steps to Remove Director Disqualification

  1. we will draft a writ petition which will be subsequently filed with the high court;
  2. An advocate will appear for the pleadings;
  3. High Court will give the interim order;
  4. Thereafter order of the High Court will be filed with the Registrar of Companies along with the pending compliance documents;
  5. DIN will be activated and disqualification will be removed.
2. Appointment of Director

Every company is required to have certain numbers of directors in the company to constitute the Board as per the provisions of Companies Act, 2013. The criteria for numbers of Directors is differ for every type which is also prescribed in law. A private Limited Company shall be consist at least 2 number of director whereas a Public Limited and One Person Company shall consist at least 3 and 1 director respectively.

Key Points:

  • Minimum 2 directors in case of Private Limited Company.
  • Minimum 3 directors in case of Public Limited Company.
  • In the case of one person Company minimum 1 director.
  • A company can have maximum 15 directors. (Can be increased by passing special resolution).

Steps for  appointment of Directors

  • Apply for Digital Signature Certificate 
  • Apply for Director Identification Number in e-Form-DIR-3 with ROC.
  • File e-Form DIR-12 with ROC for appointment of Director along with necessary documents.
3. Resignation of Director

The authority to approve the resignation of the director lies with the members of BoD whereas the appointment must be made through consent of shareholders. Whether it is an appointment, removal or resignation, the change does not take effect until the intimation is made to Ministry of corporate affairs.

Steps to be followed for Resignation of Director:

  • The Director intending to resign shall send notice in writing to the company.  
  • Company will file e-Form DIR-12 after receiving notice of resignation.
4. Removal of Director

As per Companies Act 2013. Shareholders can Remove a Director from the Company before the expire of his tenure, except appointment by Central Govt

Section 169 of the Companies Act, 2013 deals with removal of Directors. A company may remove a director before the expiry of the term of his office by passing an ordinary resolution and after giving him a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

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Documents Required


Copy of Pan Card of  Directors


Latest Passport size photograph of Directors.


Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/Passport/ Driving Licence of Directors.


Latest Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Bank Account Statement of Directors.

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